Federal Court Monitor ruling:  "Illinois not in Compliance"

Illinois has "failed to provide the funding necessary to provide adequate services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities". 

Ronnie Cohn, Federal Monitor for the Ligas Consent Decree, made this ruling in her annual report to the Court.  The Ligas lawsuit, settled in  2011, requires Illinois to provide the resources and funding needed to support smaller, community-based residential services.  Over the six years covered by the decree, Illinois must provide sufficient alternatives to its outdated model of large Intermediate Care Facility (type of nursing home) services.

In a finding directly related to the workforce crisis, Cohn writes that "until such time as concrete steps are taken to enact a state budget and address the staffing crisis and resulting decrease in service quality as well as lack of development in the community, the monitor finds noncompliance".

Illinois is required to pass a budget that has the funding needed to develop and maintain the community services required by the decree.  Twenty years of underfunding, the growing workforce crisis and current budget impasse have come together to create a perfect storm that threatens to permanently undermine the more than 60 years of progress made by individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities in Illinois.

The state must now respond to Court Monitor Cohn's findings.  Should Illinois fail to achieve compliance, the case will be returned to Federal judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, who could find the state in contempt of the original order and force the state to comply.


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